Tuesday, September 4, 2007

H202: To Drink or Not To Drink (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Have you been sifting through all the research you can find on drinking hydrogen peroxide? Me too. Many say that H202 can be healing from many bacteria, diseases, oxygenate your blood beneficially and even kill Cancer cells. Others say that if you ingest Hydrogen Peroxide, it could cause harmful ulcers, rupture your colon, make you violently ill or even be fatal.

Hydrogen peroxide research has been ongoing for many years but when you research whether or not it's safe to drink it, you'll find conflicting reports. Many reports that tell you that it's not safe are concerned about heavy concentrations. Many reports that tell you that it is safe to drink H202, tell you that when you take it highly diluted, it can be very safe and beneficial to your health. In some countries, it's used to purify drinking water.

There are many debate sites that list both sides of the argument. What do you think?

I know that I use it as an antiseptic dental rinse and use hydrogen peroxide on cuts, bruises and in my ears to clear out wax and ward off an oncoming cold or flu. I firmly believe I have been reading about the virtues of it for a long time. I guess I'm still on the fence about ingesting it but leaning towards believing that if you follow naturopath guidelines very carefully it could be quite beneficial.

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roger matching ties said...

I like it for the common cold. Drinking it is scary :)