Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Participating in Clinical Trials: Help or Be Helped

Looking for clinical trials in a specific city? There are companies that will let you register to participate in clinical trials so that you can help advance medical science. In some circumstances, you’ll be participating because of a specific health condition or illness and in other circumstances, healthy males and females in specific categories volunteer or sign up for remuneration for specific purposes.

Examples of Some Clinical Trials Include:

·         Heart and other cardiovascular studies
·         Respiratory diseases and / or disorders
·         Infections
·         Digestive issues
·         Nervous system disorders
·         And so on

Medical trials are highly regulated and working with an accredited research company is, of course, recommended to minimize the chance of problems.  There are different phases of trials to participate in (Phase I, II , III, and IV) and your medical status and the research phase in progress will both dictate where you might participate.

What about Payment for Medical Research Participation?

Some studies do include a fee for your services. This fee will vary, depending on the situation, and is typically paid out after completion of a study.

What about Risks?

Any participation in a medical or drug trial could include an element of risk. You should be made aware of the potential risks before you agree to participate. Not all risks are foreseeable, especially in early phases of research but a research company will make every effort to supervise and to mitigate that risk. Many people who have participated in such research have helped to shape the face of 21st century medicine. In some cases, the risk was shadowed by the potential benefits of a cure, especially if that volunteer was suffering from a specific illness.
Learning more about options can help you (if you’re someone with a specific illness and if you’re a healthy individual looking to help out medical science and potentially earn some money for your time and assistance, researching volunteer opportunities could be prudent.

Looking for clinical trials? London and other cities could have a trial for you to participate in. Check out for more info and to register.

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