Friday, August 30, 2013

Improving Workplace Focus is Within Your Control: Try These Strategies

Improving Workplace Focus is Within Your Control: Try These Strategies

When a day at work becomes busier than expected, some people just tell themselves loss of focus is a side effect that can’t be avoided, especially if they consider themselves to be easily distracted. Actually, there are specific things you can do to help yourself stay on task, even if your list of responsibilities is constantly growing. Learn about them below.

Commit Yourself to One Thing at a Time

Coworkers can sometimes interfere with your best efforts to finish a task well and on time, but they may not even realize it. Decide to break your day down into segments and dedicate a certain amount of time to handling just one thing. Initially, it might seem like this method isn’t as efficient as alternatives, but you’ll likely see that by gently forcing yourself to focus for short intervals, it’s possible to get more done in less time.

Also, get your coworkers in on the plan by letting them know you’re occupied, but will get start tacking their request as soon as you’re able. They may be taken aback by your diligence at first, but should soon come to appreciate it, especially if the quality of your output is too excellent to ignore.

Ignore Dietary Temptations

Vending machine fare, a cup of coffee from the break room and a cake someone’s baked to celebrate a colleague’s promotion are all things you could consume at work in hopes of getting an energy boost. They might offer a temporary improvement, but it likely won’t last. Look for healthier options, instead.

Some people drink teas made from the chaga mushroom to compensate for mid-afternoon slumps at work. There are many chaga mushroom benefits that could affect your workplace performance, including the potential for better mental clarity, calmness under stress, and improved energy. With those advantages, it’s easy to see why chaga is a great solution to the other choices you may encounter while at work.

Reward Yourself for Success

Rather than getting upset if you momentarily start daydreaming about how you’d rather be spending your time, treat yourself to a short break after you’ve been especially productive.

Doing something as simple as taking a short walk around your workplace complex or visiting with a coworker who’s in an adjoining office can help you feel good about making yourself stay on track.

Becoming more focused at work isn’t something that’ll happen instantaneously, but your efforts should pay off in time. Eventually, the techniques you learn could be ones you depend on for life.

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