Sunday, October 12, 2014

Can Chaga Mushrooms Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep?

Can consumption of chaga mushrooms help you with sleep?  Chaga mushrooms are a popular medicinal mushrooms often taken for a variety of reasons, such as:
·        -immune boosting power
·        -antioxidant content
·        -the fact that it contains 215 potentially beneficial components
·        -the fact that many are looking at it for anti-cancer benefits
·        -and more

Chaga has been used in a variety of ways for generations.  Applied topically, taken internally, and leveraged in tea, in tinctures, and more recently in supplement format.  Chaga mushrooms are increasingly being looked at, too, for help with sleep problems.

Chaga tea, for instance, is caffeine free so many take it as an alternative hot beverage to coffee or regular tea. Chaga reviews often say that not only do people who take it feel more healthful and energetic but it’s also said, by many, to help with sleep problems.

Chaga  is touted as an adaptogen,  giving the body more stress-fighting abilities as well as the ability to recover faster from strenuous physical exertion.
Chaga is also said to help boost the body’s pineal gland function, which is related to melatonin production --- melatonin has a direct impact on sleep. Some articles online point to chaga helping de-calcify the pineal gland.

Regardless, chaga mushrooms have been known to help the body in a number of ways. Adding it to your regimen, by consuming a cup of chaga tea, by adding chaga extract into your breakfast or post-workout smoothie, or taking a chaga supplement could do a number of great things for your body including helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Due to the vital importance of sleep for health, well-being, immune system, and energy, if you are having sleep issues a few lifestyle changes could make a marked improvement.

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